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National Champions

By Year

By Sport

1932: Bernie Kaplan (boxing)

1933: Bernie Kaplan (boxing)

1933: Andrew Gorski (boxing)

1933: Tom Pontecorvo (boxing)

1934: Tom Pontecorvo (boxing)

1973: Knut Hjentles (track and field)

1996: Carl Von Tobel (track and field)

2004: Broderick Maybank (track and field)

Boxing (5)

1932: Bernie Kaplan, 175 lbs.

1933: Bernie Kaplan, 175 lbs.

1933: Andrew Gorski, 165 lbs.

1933: Tom Pontecorvo, HWT

1934: Tom Pontecorvo, HWT


Men's Outdoor Track and Field (3)

1973: Knut Hjentles, Discus

1996: Carl Von Tobel, Javelin

2004: Broderick Maybank, Long Jump

If you know of a name that could be omitted from this list, please contact Sports Information Director Luke Stillson.