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McDaniel announces administrative staff updates

Jessica Wolverton talks strategy between sets. Luke Stillson smiles at the scorer's table, working a basketball game.
Jessica Wolverton, Luke Stillson (c) 2017-18 David Sinclair/McDaniel College

WESTMINSTER, Md. – Director of Athletics Paul Moyer has recently announced two updates to the administrative staff structure in the McDaniel athletics department.

Luke Stillson, who has served in the department since 2006, is now the Director of Athletics Communications and Jessica Wolverton, who has been the volleyball coach since 2012, will now serve as the department's compliance director.

The title change for Stillson reflects the first since he took over as Director of Sports Information in July 2006. Athletics Communications brings the chief communications officer's title more in line with the College's Office of Communications and reflects a shift in the industry standard over the last several years.

Stillson remains responsible for overseeing all aspects of publicity and media relations for the Green Terror's 24 varsity teams. During his tenure, he has led McDaniel into the social media web streaming realm. He also oversaw the creation and subsequent redesigns of the Green Terror's athletics website, which will launch its latest iteration next month.

Wolverton, who has served as the department's SAAC advisor since arriving on the Hill in 2012, relinquished that duty this spring to take over compliance. She will monitor eligibility and serve as liaison to the NCAA and Centennial Conference related to rules questions for all 24 varsity sports.

Wolverton has posted a 97-75 record in six seasons as volleyball coach, guiding the Green Terror to the postseason in four of the last five years.

Wolverton will also join the department's administrative group with her new duties, joining the five other members, including Stillson, who make up Moyer's team.