Duesterhaus grabs four medals, five records

(c) 2014 David Sinclair/McDaniel College
(c) 2014 David Sinclair/McDaniel College

LANCASTER, Pa. – Eight program records. Five medals. In all, no fewer than 31 new or updated entries into the program's all-time top 10 list. A record for points scored. That just brushes the surface of the highlights from McDaniel at the 2014 Centennial Conference (CC) women's swimming championship hosted by Franklin & Marshall on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

With the trend continuing of a championship-weekend overhaul of the record book, it was a senior – Emma Duesterhaus (Spartanburg, S.C./Spartanburg Day) – and a freshman – Sydney Knadler (Crowley Lake, Calif./Mammoth) – leading the charge.

As a team, the Green Terror recorded the most points at the CC championship in program history with 398 points to finish sixth overall. Ursinus won its first-ever crown, edging Gettysburg 671.5-664.

For Duesterhaus, she went out with four more medals and etched her name atop the record book five times. Individually, she grabbed a silver medal in the 100 backstroke on Saturday night. After lowering her program record to 58.49 seconds in the prelims, she went into the finals as the top seed. In the finals, she lowered her time to 57.94 but fell to second by 0.10 seconds.

She also lowered her program record in the 100 free on Sunday. She turned in a time of 53.85 to take the top spot in the B finals. In the finals, she lowered that time to 53.24 to win the B finals in a time that would have been fifth in the A finals.

Individually, Knadler took bronze in the 50 free with a program-record time of 24.46 seconds. Knadler qualified third in the Friday morning prelims with a time of 24.58.

The duo joined forces for a trio of medals and program records in three relays.

Knadler and Duesterhaus joined Kerrin Holmes (Avondale, Pa./Avon Grove) and Mariel Ramey (Framingham, Mass./Keystone National) opened Friday night's session with a silver medal in the 200 free relay, doing it program-record time. The quartet – paced by Knadler's then-record time of 24.48 to lead off the relay – posted a time of 1:37.94.

Knadler and Duesterhaus then teamed with Abbie Schickler (Montgomery Village, Md./Covenant Life) and Kerrie Vanscoy (Frederick, Md./Tuscarora) to open Saturday night's session with another relay record. The group earned bronze with a time of 1:49.18.

Knadler and Duesterhaus joined Holmes and Shannon McClellan (Boonsboro, Md./Boonsboro) to close the meet with a bronze in the 400 free relay in a program-record time of 3:35.19, breaking the previous mark by nearly four seconds.

Duesterhaus and Holmes added B-final times in the 50 free to go with Knadler's record. Holmes qualified ninth with a time of 24.79, which now ranks third all-time. She finished 10th in the finals (24.89). Duesterhaus switched spots with her teammate. After qualifying 10th (24.83), she finished ninth with a time of 24.51, which ranks second all-time.

Knadler was also in the B finals of the 100 free. She finished 12th in the finals with a time of 54.32, which ranks second to Duesterhaus after qualifying 10th with a time of 54.40 on Sunday morning.

Vanscoy added an individual program record on Sunday, finishing fifth in the 200 backstroke with a time of 2:09.95. She qualified fourth in the morning prelims with a then-best time of 2:10.07.

On Saturday, she became just the second swimmer in program history to go under one minute in the 100 backstroke. She qualified for the A finals in the prelims with the fifth-place time (1:00.08) before placing fifth in the finals with a time of 59.71 to rank second to her classmate on the all-time list.

McClellan added a seventh program record for the Green Terror. After toppling the 500 free record in the prelims to qualify sixth with her time of 5:10.29, she bettered that mark by more than three seconds to finish fourth in the finals with a time of 5:07.06.

McClellan also turned in the program's second-best time in the 200 free. After qualifying atop the B finals with a time of 1:59.23, she dropped that time to 1:57.71 to finish ninth overall.

She was also fifth in the 1650 free, posting a time of 17:54.68 to second on the program's all-time list.

Lexie Jacobs (Forest Hill, Md./North Harford) made it to the finals of both the 200 and 400 IM races. ON Friday, she finished seventh in the prelims of the 200 IM to earn a spot in the A finals with a season-best time of 2:13.69. She finished eighth in the finals (2:15.12). On Saturday, she finished 10th in the prelims of the 400 to take a spot in the B finals, placing 10th overall with a season-best time of 4:47.93. She was 15th in the finals (4:51.21).

Schickler turned in the No. 4 time in program history to finish sixth in the prelims of the 100 breaststroke on Saturday. Her time of 1:09.44 put her into the A finals, where she finished seventh with a time of 1:09.97.

She was also ninth in the 200 breaststroke, ranking fourth all-time with a time of 2:31.30.

Kelly Lewis (Montgomery Village, Md./Watkins Mill) joined Schickler in the A finals of the 100 breaststroke, ranking eighth after the prelims (1:10.56). She finished eighth in the finals (1:11.18).

Juliann Rossi (Marriottsville, Md./McDonogh) made it three into the finals, finishing ninth in the prelims to earn a spot in the B finals with a time of 1:11.92. In the finals, she moved into seventh place all-time with her time of 1:10.84 to win the B finals.

Jacobs and Lewis joined Schickler in the 200 breaststroke finals. Jacobs qualified 12th with a time of 2:33.66 before falling to 15th in the finals (2:35.02). Lewis was 13th in the prelims (2:34.00) and finished 14th in the finals (2:33.95).

Duesterhaus, Lewis, Vanscoy and Knadler just missed another relay record, combining to finish sixth in the 400 medley relay on Friday with a time of 4:04.85.

Knadler and Vanscoy qualified for the B finals in the 100 butterfly. Knadler now ranks second on the all-time list after a time of 1:01.25 in the prelims to qualify 11th. She swam a time of 1:01.56 to finish 13th in the finals. Vanscoy was 15th in both the prelims and finals, improving by 0.05 seconds for a time of 1:01.64 in the finals.

Mary Concannon (Pennington, N.J./Hopewell Valley) and Ramey rounded out those in the finals.

Concannon qualified for the B finals with a 16th-place time of 1:04.33 in Saturday's 100 backstroke. She finished 13th in the finals with a time of 1:03.46. That time ranks ninth on the all-time list.

Ramey qualified for the B finals with an 11th-place time of 2:13.73 in Sunday's 200 backstroke. She finished 10th in the finals with a time of 2:13.31.

The 800 free relay of McClellan, Jacobs, Holmes and Ramey turned in the fourth-best time in program history to finish sixth with a time of 8:07.55.

Three B relays also turned in top-10 all-time performances. The 400 medley relay of Ramey, Schickler, Rossi and Holmes was 14th overall with a time of 4:10.31, which is fifth all-time.

Ramey, Jacobs, Schickler and Emily Gross (Red Lion, Pa./Red Lion) finished 14th in the 400 free relay to close the weekend, posting the No. 8 time (3:45.00).

Conconnan, Lewis, Brittney Lenz (Pasadena, Md./Chesapeake) and Holmes finished 12th in the 200 medley in a time of 1:54.49, which ranks 10th all-time.

Ramey also made her way onto the all-time top 10 in the 50 free, finishing 21st with a time of 25.48.

Lenz and Rossi now rank seventh and eighth, respectively, on the all-time list in the 100 butterfly. Lenz was 17th in the prelims with a time of 1:01.73 while Rossi was 21st with a time of 1:02.34.

Concannon finished 18th in the 200 backstroke prelims with a time of 2:19.78, which ranks ninth all-time.

Holmes finished 18th in the 100 free prelims with a time of 56.08, which ranks 10th all-time.

Melissa Fry (St. Mary's, Ga./Camden County) also moved into the all-time top 10, finishing 19th in the 1650 free with a time of 19:49.03.

Team Scores: 1. Ursinus 671.5, 2. Gettysburg 664, 3. Franklin & Marshall 528, 4. Dickinson 487, 5. Swarthmore 446.5, 6. McDaniel 398, 7. Washington 237, 8. Bryn Mawr 132.

McDaniel Results: 200 Free Relay: 2. Sydney Knadler, Kerrin Holmes, Mariel Ramey, Emma Duesterhaus 1:37.94%, 12. Abbie Schickler, Mary Concannon, Lexie Jacobs, Emily Gross 1:43.57; 500 Free Prelims: 6Q. Shannon McClellan 5:10.29, 34. Melissa Fry 5:56.97; 500 Free Finals: 4. McClellan 5:07.06%; 200 IM Prelims: 7Q. Jacobs 2:13.69, 19. Juliann Rossi 2:17.08, 23. Schickler 2:18.25; 200 IM Finals: 8. Jacobs 2:15.12; 50 Free Prelims: 3Q. Knadler 24.58, 9q. Holmes 24.79, 10Tq. Duesterhaus 24.83, 21. Ramey 25.48, 26. Gross 25.97, 30. Concannon 26.30, 31. Katelyn Wolf 26.36, 34. Meg Protzman 26.50, 35. Brittney Lenz 26.52, 51. Sarah Blonder 29.09, 53. Samantha Fox 29.47; 50 Free Finals: 3. Knadler 24.46%, 9. Duesterhaus 24.51, 10. Holmes 24.86; 400 Medley Relay: 6. Duesterhaus, Kelly Lewis, Kerrie Vanscoy, Knadler 4:04.85, 14. Ramey, Schickler, Rossi, Holmes 4:10.31; 200 Medley Relay: 3. Duesterhaus, Schickler, Vanscoy, Knadler 1:49.18%, 12. Concannon, Lewis, Lenz, Holmes 1:54.49; 400 IM Prelims: 10q. Jacobs 4:47.93; 400 IM Finals: 15. Jacobs 4:51.21; 100 Butterfly Prelims: 11q. Knadler 1:01.25, 15q. Vanscoy 1:01.69, 17. Lenz 1:01.73, 21. Rossi 1:02.34, 29. Gross 1:05.61; 100 Butterfly Finals: 13. Knadler 1:01.56, 15. Vanscoy 1:01.64; 200 Free Prelims: 9q. McClellan 1:59.23, 25. Fry 2:12.70; 200 Free Finals: 9. McClellan 1:57.71; 100 Breaststroke Prelims: 6Q. Schickler 1:09.44, 8Q. Lewis 1:10.56, 9q. Rossi 1:11.92, 21. Blonder 1:19.01, 22. Fox 1:19.41; 100 Breaststroke Finals: 7. Schickler 1:09.97, 8. Lewis 1:11.18, 9. Rossi 1:10.84; 100 Backstroke Prelims: 1Q. Duesterhaus 58.49, 5Q. Vanscoy 1:00.08, 13q. Ramey 1:02.31, 16q. Concannon 1:04.33, 18. Wolf 1:04.56, 21. Protzman 1:05.94; 100 Backstroke Finals: 2. Duesterhaus 57.94%, 5. Vascoy 59.71, 12. Ramey 1:02.30, 13. Concannon 1:03.46; 800 Free Relay: 6. McClellan, Jacobs, Holmes, Ramey 8:07.55, 14. Protzman, Rossi, Vanscoy, Gross 8:17.45; 1650 Free: 5. McClellan 17:54.68, 19. Fry 19:49.03; 200 Backstroke Prelims: 4Q. Vanscoy 2:10.07, 11q. Ramey 2:13.73, 18. Concannon 2:19.78, 22. Protzman 2:21.82, 23. Wolf 2:21.96; 200 Backstroke Finals: 5. Vanscoy 2:09.95%, 10. Ramey 2:13.31; 100 Free Prelims: 9q. Duesterhaus 53.85, 10q. Knadler 54.40, 18. Holmes 56.08, 23. Gross 56.56, 31. Lenz 58.26; 100 Free Finals: 9. Duesterhaus 53.24%, 12. Knadler 54.32; 200 Breaststroke Prelims: 9q. Schickler 2:33.18, 12q. Jacobs 2:33.66, 13q. Lewis 2:34.00, 24. Blonder 2:50.99, 25. Fox 2:54.08; 200 Breaststroke Finals: 9. Schickler 2:31.30, 14. Lewis 2:33.95, 15. Jacobs 2:35.02; 400 Free Relay: 3. Knadler, McClellan, Holmes, Duesterhaus 3:35.19%, 14. Ramey, Jacobs, Schickler, Gross 3:45.00. 

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