Duesterhaus wins 100 backstroke

Emma Duesterhaus  2013 David Sinclair/McDaniel College
Emma Duesterhaus 2013 David Sinclair/McDaniel College

LANCASTER, Pa. – Emma Duesterhaus (Spartanburg, S.C./Spartanburg Day) led an overhaul of the McDaniel women's swimming all-time top-10, winning a pair of medals that included her first career gold at the 2013 Centennial Conference (CC) championship hosted by Franklin & Marshall on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Green Terror finished sixth as a team with 350 points. Gettysburg claimed the team title with 633 points, edging Ursinus by seven points. As a team, McDaniel wrote no fewer than 32 new entries in the all-time top-10 lists over the 19 events.

Duesterhaus established four of the Green Terror's five new program records, including her winning time of 58.65 in the 100 backstroke finals. She was the second seed going into the finals after a time of 1:00.88 in the Saturday morning prelims, leading a host of four McDaniel swimmers into the two finals races – the most of any team. It was also the program's first gold medal in the event.

She bettered her own program-best mark with a bronze medal in the 50 free on Friday night, touching in a time of 24.55 seconds. She was ranked third after matching her previous best mark with a time of 24.70 in the prelims.

Her third record came in the 100 free from the B-finals, finishing in a time of 53.86 to win the section by 1.06 seconds. She was the ninth-fastest swimmer in the prelims with a time of 54.44.

Lexie Jacobs (Forest Hill, Md./North Harford) added a fourth individual program record, finishing seventh in the 200 IM finals with a time of 2:12.84, bettering her prelim swim by 1.49 seconds. She was eighth in the prelims.

Duesterhaus wrapped it up with a fifth record, anchoring the 400 free relay to a time of 3:39.04 in the weekend's final event. She joined Mariel Ramey (Framingham, Mass./Keystone National), Allison Cannon (Hampstead, Md./Manchester Valley) and Caroline Sussman (Washington, D.C./Spring Ridge) to break the program's previous best mark by 2.05 seconds and finish sixth at the meet.

Joining Duesterhaus in the A-finals of the 100 backstroke on Saturday night was Kerrie Vanscoy (Frederick, Md./Tuscarora), who finished fourth overall in a time of 1:01.03, which now ranks second all-time. She was seventh in the prelims (1:02.16).

Cannon and Ramey were in the B-finals. Cannon finished 10th overall with a time of 1:02.53, which ranks seventh all-time after qualifying 14th (1:03.29). Ramey qualified 10th in a time of 1:02.55 before finishing 14th in the finals (1:03.15).

Leanna Jasek-Rysdahl (Turlock, Calif./J.H. Pitman) just missed the finals, finishing 17th in prelims but still earned a spot in the program's all-time top 10 with a time of 1:03.51 (ninth).

Kerrin Holmes (Avondale, Pa./Avon Grove) joined Duesterhaus in the A-finals of the 50 free, finishing seventh with a time of 25.11 in the finals. She swam a time of 25.06 in prelims, ranking seventh with a time that now ranks second in program history behind Duesterhaus' record.

Schickler appeared in a pair of A-finals, finishing seventh in both the 100 and 200 breaststroke events. She now ranks fourth all-time in the 100 after a time of 1:10.05 in the finals. She finished the finals of the 200 in a time of 2:31.97 after qualifying sixth with a time of 2:31.33, which ranks fourth all-time.

Vanscoy finished fourth in the 200 backstroke on Sunday night with a time of 2:11.14, which ranks second all-time. Ramey was right behind her in third with a time of 2:11.43 for third place on the all-time list. Both cut more than two seconds off their time from the morning prelims.

Jacobs finished sixth in the 400 IM with a time of 4:47.88. She swam a faster time in the prelims, finishing fifth with a time of 4:45.70, which ranks third all-time in program history.

Shannon McClellan (Boonsboro, Md./Boonsboro) finished sixth in the 1,650 free on Sunday with a time of 18:00.82. Her time ranks third in program history. She split a time of 10:51.13 through 1,000 yards to move into third place on that list as well.

McClellan added a ninth-place finish in the 500 free with a time of 5:13.90, which ranks fourth all-time. She improved her prelim performance by nearly three seconds and one place.

Sussman finished 11th in the finals of the 500 free with a time of 5:16.10, which ranks sixth all-time. She made it into the B-finals in 16th place with a time of 5:23.13, dropping more than seven seconds between the morning and evening sessions.

McClellan was also 14th in the 400 IM with a time of 4:58.00 in the finals to move into seventh place all-time.

Sussman was in the B-finals of the 100 and 200 freestyle events. She finished ninth in the 200 with a time of 1:58.04, which ranks second all-time.

She was 15th in the finals of the 100 free, dropping a place despite improving her time by 0.28 seconds. She finished the finals in a time of 55.13 seconds to move into seventh place all-time.

Jasek-Rysdahl placed 14th in both the 100 and 200 butterfly events. In the 100 on Saturday, she finished the finals with a time of 1:02.57 after swimming a time of 1:02.46 in the prelims, which ranks sixth all-time. On Sunday, she finished the 200 finals with a time of 2:19.67, which is good for seventh all-time.

Jacobs added a 10th-place showing in the 200 breaststroke. After swimming a time of 2:35.28 to rank 14th in the prelims, she improved to move into sixth place all-time with a showing of 2:31.63.

Schickler was also in the B-finals of the 200 IM, finishing 13th with a time of 2:16.02, which ranks fifth all-time.

Elisa Santoni (Ellicott City, Md./Mt. Hebron) rounded out those who made the finals and established new individual top-10 all-time marks, finishing 16th in the 200 backstroke with a time of 2:20.24. She was 15th in the prelims with a time of 2:18.30, which ranks seventh all-time.

In addition to the 400 free record, six other relay times now appear in the all-time top 10.

Ramey, Holmes, Emily Gross (Red Lion, Pa./Red Lion) and Duesterhaus turned in the third-fastest time all-time in the 200 free relay, finishing fifth with a time of 1:40.61.

Ramey, Jacobs, Schickler and Sussman finished fifth in the 800 free relay with a time of 8:06.92, which also ranks third all-time.

McClellan, Santoni, Cannon and Holmes finished 13th in the B-relay finals with a time of 8:16.75 to rank seventh all-time.

Ramey, Jacobs, Jasek-Rysdahl and Cannon rank seventh all-time on the 400 medley list after placing 11th with a time of 4:12.06.

Cannon, Jacobs, Jasek-Rysdahl and Holmes rank ninth all-time on the 200 medley list after placing 11th with a time of 1:55.18.

Schickler, Jacobs, Gross and Holmes were 12th in the 400 free relay with a time of 3:44.79 to rank fifth all-time.

Vanscoy just missed the finals in the 100 butterfly, finishing 17th (1:03.56) while Jenny Grillo (Mt. Airy, Md./T.L.C.I.) was 17th in the 400 IM (5:00.09).

Ramey was 18th in the 50 free (25.67) while Cannon was 18th in the 100 free (56.06).

Team Scores: 1. Gettysburg 633, 2. Ursinus 626, 3. Franklin & Marshall 514.5, 4. Dickinson 498, 5. Swarthmore 478, 6. McDaniel 350, 7. Washington (Md.) 237, 8. Bryn Mawr 179.5.

McDaniel Results: 200 Free Relay: 5. Mariel Ramey, Kerrin Holmes, Emily Gross, Emma Duesterhaus 1:40.61, 14. Casey Gardella, Meg Protzman, Jenny Grillo, Casey McCole 1:46.58; 500 Free Prelims: 10q. Shannon McClellan 5:16.80, 16q. Caroline Sussman 5:23.13, 33. Elisa Santoni 5:42.48; 500 Free Finals: 9. McClellan 5:13.90, 11. Sussman 5:16.10; 200 IM Prelims: 8Q. Lexie Jacobs 2:14.33, 13q. Abbie Schickler 2:17.43, 30. Perri Fuhrmann 2:24.03;200 IM Finals:  7. Jacobs 2:12.84%, 13. Schickler 2:16.02; 50 Free Prelims: 3Q. Duesterhaus 24.70, 7TQ. Holmes 25.06, 18. Ramey 25.67, 20. Gross 25.73, 25. Gardella 26.25, 29. McCole 26.77, 33. Protzman 27.47, 43. Elyse Hyle 30.57; 50 Free Finals: 3. Duesterhaus 24.55%, 7. Holmes 25.11; 400 Medley Relay: 11. Ramey, Jacobs, Leanna Jasek-Rysdahl, Allison Cannon 4:12.06; 200 Medley Relay: 11. Cannon, Jacobs, Jasek-Rysdahl, Holmes 1:55.18; 400 IM Prelims: 5Q. Jacobs 4:45.70, 16q. McClellan 4:59.98, 17. Grillo 5:00.09; 400 IM Finals: 6. Jacobs 4:47.88, 14. McClellan 4:58.00; 100 Butterfly Prelims: 14q. Jasek-Rysdahl 1:02.46, 17. Vanscoy 1:03.56, 25. Gross 1:06.33; 100 Butterfly Finals: 14. Jasek-Rysdahl 1:02.57; 200 Free Prelims: 9q. Sussman 1:58.47, 20. Holmes 2:06.36, 22. Gardella 2:07.77, 25. McCole 2:12.06; 200 Free Finals: 9. Sussman 1:58.04; 100 Breaststroke Prelims: 7Q. Schickler 1:10.14, 25. Fuhrmann 1:16.67; 100 Breaststroke Finals: 7. Schickler 1:10.05; 100 Backstroke Prelims: 2Q. Duesterhaus 1:00.88, 7Q. Vanscoy 1:02.16, 10q. Ramey 1:02.55, 14q. Cannon 1:03.29, 17. Jasek-Rysdahl 1:03.51, 21. Santoni 1:04.71, 27. Protzman 1:09.32, 31. Hyle 1:17.34; 100 Backstroke Finals: 1. Duesterhaus 58.65%, 4. Vanscoy 1:01.03, 10. Cannon 1:02.53, 14. Ramey 1:03.15; 800 Free Relay: 5. Ramey, Jacobs, Schickler, Sussman 8:06.92, 13. McClellan, Santoni, Cannon, Holmes 8:16.75; 1650 Free: 6. McClellan 18:00.82; 200 Backstroke Prelims: 4Q. Vanscoy 2:13.31, 5Q. Ramey 2:13.31, 15q. Santoni 2:18.30, 23. Protzman 2:24.80; 200 Backstroke Finals: 4. Vanscoy 2:11.14, 5. Ramey 2:11.43, 16. Santoni 2:20.24; 100 Free Prelims: 9q. Duesterhaus 54.44, 14q. Sussman 55.41, 18. Cannon 56.06, 20. Holmes 56.37, 24. Gross 57.68, 26. Gardella 58.68, 34. McCole 1:00.19, 41. Hyle 1:05.48; 100 Free Finals: 9. Duesterhaus 53.86%, 15. Sussman 55.13; 200 Breaststroke Prelims: 6Q. Schickler 2:31.33, 14q. Jacobs 2:35.28, 23. Fuhrmann 2:45.39; 200 Breaststroke Finals: 7. Schickler 2:31.97, 10. Jacobs 2:31.63; 200 Butterfly Prelims: 14q. Jasek-Rysdahl 2:20.42; 200 Butterfly Finals: 14. Jasek-Rysdahl 2:19.67; 400 Free Relay: 6. Ramey, Cannon, Sussman, Duesterhaus 3:39.04%, 12. Schickler, Jacobs, Gross, Holmes 3:44.79.

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