Women's Basketball All Conference

Middle Atlantic Conference Honors

1979 Becky Martin  1st Team
1980 Becky Martin
1st Team
1985 Cindy Boyer
1st Team
1986 Cindy Boyer
1st Team
1987 Cindy Boyer 1st Team
1988 Barb Wolf 1st Team
1989 Barb Wolf 1st Team
1990 Barb Wolf 1st Team
1991 Debbie Shockley 
1st Team                      


Centennial Conference Honors

1994 Sue Head 2nd Team
  Sandi DeJager
Sandi DeJager
1st Team
1996 Erin Murphey 1st Team
  Katie Haley 2nd Team
1997 Katie Haley 1st Team
1998 Katie Haley 1st Team
  Kathi Snyder 2nd Team
1999 Kathi Snyder 1st Team
  Jill Ibex 2nd Team
2000 Jill Ibex 1st Team
  Jen Piccolomini HM
2001 Jill Ibex 1st Team
  Jen Piccolomini 2nd Team
2002 Jen Piccolomini 2nd Team
2003 Kelly Cramp 2nd Team
  Jen Piccolomini 2nd Team
2004 Toby McIntire 1st Team
2005 Kristy Costa 2nd Team
2006 Kristy Costa 2nd Team
  Katy Powell 2nd Team
2007 Katy Powell 1st Team, Co-Player of the Year
  Heather Thompson 2nd Team
2008 Robbin Gregg HM
2009 Ali Moreland 2nd Team
Ali Moreland  1st Team
  Ashley Lyles
2nd Team
Steph Perez