McDaniel College New Student-Athlete Bio Form

The information submitted on this form will be used to publicize you as a McDaniel student-athlete. Please fill it out completely and to the best of your knowledge.

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1. List relatives who were/are athletic standouts in college or pros.

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By submitting this form, you hereby authorize the Sports Information Director and Department of Athletics at McDaniel College to use any and all of the information listed above and any other present or future information about you as a student (including grade-point averages, both semester and cumulative, exceeding 3.00) and athlete at McDaniel College for sports publicity and information purposes. You grant this authorization as a waiver to your rights under the Education Amendment of 1972 (also known as the Buckley Amendment) to restrict the release of information to persons outside the College. Furthermore, you authorize the use of your likeness (e.g., photographs) in whatever manner deemed necessary (e.g., website, publications) by the Office of Sports Information, Department of Athletics and College.

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