Ken Gill Stadium Construction

Artist rendering of the new Kenneth R. Gill Stadium.

We will keep you updated throughout the construction progress of the new Kenneth R. Gill Stadium as work progresses. Once demolition of the old grandstand from Scott S. Bair Stadium begins, we will will post new galleries on a regular basis until construction of the new facility is complete.


The press box comes off the top.
The bleachers are down

Photo Galleries:

March 29, 2012: Demolition has begun.
April 10, 2012: Ground has been moved
May 24, 2012: The building is starting to go up
June 11, 2012: More building and a roadway
June 28, 2012: Much more building and the start of some brick
July 9, 2012: The form can be seen
July 16, 2012: The second floor has been started
July 25, 2012: Steel has been put in place.
August 11, 2012: The external structure is mostly complete
August 27, 2012: A lot of brickwork done; inside is starting to take shape.
September 3, 2012: Bleachers are going in
September 10, 2012: The chairback seats and glass is in
September 27, 2012: Brickwork is almost complete